We at the Healthcare Action Network (HCAN) are focused on the major healthcare issues impacting the lives of all Americans. 

Issues such as: Medicare for all, rising drug prescription cost, increasing surgical cost, larger out-of-pocket cost and access to quality healthcare at an affordable cost.








  • Conducting nationwide online forums on healthcare action network issues such as surgery, primary care access and high drug prices.

  • Collaborating with hospitals, doctors associations, nurse associations and healthcare finance associations to identify areas of improvement within the healthcare industry.

  • Speaking up about the systemic problems in our health care system through social media forums, op-eds, videos, and other media.

  • Listening to the experiences of community members, everyday healthcare consumers and sharing healthcare stories.

  • Mobilizing for direct action on a national level through events like annual conventions.​


Who are we?

The Healthcare Action Network (HCAN) is the voice of the people. It places the health and well-being of everyday people first. Healthcare Action Network brings a voice for healing and comfort to patients, through active participation. The changes needed in Healthcare will require radically transforming how care is delivered and financed in the United States.

How do we describe Healthcare Action Network (HCAN)?

  1. Healthcare Action Network helps locate through social media access to high quality care, without causing financial hardship. It looks for the best outcomes at the fairest price, and is against unnecessary diagnosis, testing and treatment. Healthcare Action Network helps eliminate underuse, overuse and misuse of care.
  2. We build respectful partnerships between healthcare consumers, healthcare vendors, healthcare practitioners and health care payors.
  3. We provide patients and practitioners the ability to engage in shared decision making and act as partners in achieving best medical practice and outcomes social media.
  4. HCAN is transparent and provides healthcare consumers with easy to understand and current information on insurance, costs, quality, safety and outcomes.
  5. We are supported by complex social media technology that serves healthcare consumers and the public good.
  6. Healthcare Action Network is free from conflicts of interest and health industry monopolies. It places the health and well-being of healthcare consumers over profits.
  7. HCAN monitors social needs and healthcare disparities that significantly impact the health and well-being of everyday health consumers. This includes, yet is not limited to, adequate housing, jobs, adequate living wages, nutritious food and a clean safe living environment.